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Belly of The Month - Page Two

| Belly of The Month 2003 | Belly of The Month 2002 |

Belly of the Month - December 2002

This yummy twink was spotted at Folsom Fair 2002.

Belly of the Month - Where's Yours???

Belly of the Month - August 2002

This hottie was dancing on our fire escape on Pink Saturday.

Belly of the Month - Where's Yours???

Belly Pride Month! - June 2002

This Belly Buddy just submitted shots of him and his boyfriend. They said they like three-ways, Whoo-hoo! I am so there!

Belly of the Month - Where's Yours???

Belly of the Month - May 2002

We visited Palm Springs for a Porn Star Pool Party, and went to a party the night before and the legendary Zack Spears and Damian Ford posed for us.

Porn Stars

Belly of the Month - March and April 2002

We corresponded with one of our Belly Buddies who submitted a really HOT picture. As things worked out, he was visiting San Francisco in late February, so we set up a photo session with him. We shot over 200 photos of bondage, ropes, chains, jockstraps, leather, cocksucking, underwear, water sports, and firearms! Coming soon to our new XXX pages!

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Belly of the Month - February 2002

Belly of The Month

Belly of the Month - January 2002

What's with the numbers? Is he into Numerology or are they his favorite Area Codes?

Belly of the Month - December 2001

"Is that a pistol in your pocket or are ya' glad to see me?"

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| Belly of The Month 2003 | Belly of The Month 2002 |

This site is devoted to the male belly. Flat firm six-packs, fleshy round ball-bellies, furry pleasure trails, smooth nubile boy-bellies, bare chested bears, sweaty shirtless circuit twinks, innies, outies, beer guts, naked gay men showing their nude chests. Gruff daddies, long-haired freaks, tattoos, faeries, slender cuties, buffed gym bunnies, alternative hotties, pierced navels, nipple rings, tight abs, fuzzy bears, woofy bikers and so much more. It's all here and it's all good. Grab a beer, lift up your shirt and have a ball !

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