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Gaining wishlist!

Hey big boys, if any of you guys wanna help me get gaining, feel free to get me anything from this list! It’ll mean me posting more pics more often!

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Reasons Tummies are Rad


1. The most obvious one is that they’ll make for a great pillow for you to lay…

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You need to keep pushing food down that mouth of yours so you can beat this plateau. We have faith in you!

I needed that! Thanks anon!

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Toxic People in the Feederism Community





-People who sexualize body positivity…

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are there every any times where you regret gaining or wish you were still skinny?

You know what? No, I don’t regret gaining at all. I never have.

Even after I ran away from it and…

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Fatty Goals


-Being able to eat a few pizzas with ease
-Outgrowing all of my clothes

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Feedist Goals


-Breaking a scale
-Destroying furniture with my growing body
-Popping buttons…

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“If you’re 200 pounds and like to gain weight, you’re a gainer. If you’re 150…”

“If you’re 200 pounds and like to gain weight, you’re a gainer. If you’re…

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fatterroundermoreblubber: feedmedee: fatterroundermoreblubber: …





True that

These are all VERY important, right feedmedee?

I just assumed everyone knew these points anyway. *smirks*

I’m sorry ma’am, we’re not all as smart as you are, this is why we need you to teach and feed us.

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wannabegainer91:thefatzone: I can see that so many people…



I can see that so many people repeat the quiz many times just so they can read all the results … Well here they are I hope you enjoy!

Ummm yea that’s awesome

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agordosmotives: massivemyke:littlegainer-eve:Foods For Weight…




Foods For Weight Gain:

  • Gigantic gummy candies, I recently purchased a gigantic cherry and raspberry flavour gummy worm. I purchased mine at the worm itself wasn’t that expensive, it was the shipping that blew up the cost of my purchase. The gummy worm is 4,000 calories, and the gummy bear is 6,120 calories. I’ll be doing a stuffing with it, and I’ll keep you guys posted if I felt like it was worth 53 dollars.
  • Sugary liquids, hot chocolate, soda, juice, etc. Some people believe that you should completely replace water with soda, however I disagree. So long as you are drinking 2-3 litres of water a day, you can afford have a few cans of soda. Personally I like to mix it up, but I do regularly drink soda, both for bloating to increase my capacity, and as just something sweet to drink. Some sodas are more notorious for helping pack on weight, I’m looking at you Coke, but honestly I feel any soda can aid in weight gain if you drink it often enough.
  • Butter/margarine/lard/oil, when you’re frying up some eggs for breakfast, I’d suggest putting a nice sized glob of lard on the frying pan to lube it all up. Lard has an extremely high fat content, spread it on sandwiches, eat a few tablespoons of it, dissolve it in soup, you can seriously add it into anything. And lard doesn’t have a dominant flavour, some oils you can really taste them when you add them into things and it changes the outcome of what you’re cooking. My second suggestion would be peanut oil, but obviously don’t add that to things you wouldn’t enjoy having a peanut taste. Here is a cooking oils reference that can give you an idea for what things are good to cook with, you want something that’s high in saturated fat, and trans fat: fattable
  • Protein not fiber. Excess protein that your body doesn’t burn that day will be stored as fat, so it’s good to invest in protein powders/bars, and eat meals that are high in protein such as eggs, chicken, and nuts. Fiber while still healthy and good for you, will make you poop regularly, in turn your body will be rushing through mounds of food you just ate and shoving it out the door, instead of it sitting on your stomach and being stored as fat. The more you poop the more weight you can potentially lose, be careful to avoid foods that give you diarrhea: for me I just recently found out that I’m lactose intolerant, and since cutting dairy out of my diet I’ve managed to put on weight at a much faster pace. Don’t drink lemon water, avoid probiotic foods, cereals with lots of fiber in it, typically these things are alright in small portions, but if you eat it often you will shed weight. If you’re curious about a certain type of food, just look it up online and research it for yourself.

Someone recently donated to me “MET-Rx Big 100 Colossal Meal Replacement Bars” 400 calories per 1 bar, and 28g of protein. I got two boxes, it’s hard to say how much weight I put on with these because I am actively gaining and eating other high calorie foods. However, in the time that I had these I jumped from 160-165 in a week. You can find them on places like Amazon, and they come in a bunch of different flavours, I’d highly recommend them. I like to eat them while I cook, as snacks, or as a dessert after I finished a big stuffing, dip them in chocolate, marshmallow fluff, caramel sauce, or peanut butter, for extra calories.

Tips & Tricks:

I say this because there is the rumor that skipping breakfast makes your body go into survival mode, so when you eat again your body stores the fat. Honestly, who the fuck wants to skip breakfast? All you’re going to do is shrink your stomach, and decrease your capacity. Eat breakfast, eat lots of breakfast.

Do you know whats better than having a snack warm milk and cookies before bed? Having a lot of warm milk and cookies before bed! Nothing beats laying in your comfortable bed, with a huge stuffed belly. Eat things that are heavy on your stomach, pasta, potatoes, oatmeal, that way you’ll feel like you have a delightful cannon ball in your stomach while you sleep, eventually keep increasing the size of your meal before bed, and this will hugely increase your capacity. You’ll wake up hungry and ready to eat your day away.

I like to prepare snacks before I go to bed, muffins and milk, oatmeal, it can be anything really. Then when I wake up I can grab a meal and top up on my already stuffed belly, I do this even when I’m not hungry. In the morning, because I’m not totally starving, I can take extra time to make a great fatty breakfast and snack on food while I cook.

My Recipes:

  • “Fatty brownies” recipe – I used Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Mix, however you can make yours from scratch and just add the extra ingredients:

4 cups of brownie mix, (1 pouch)
2-3 tablespoons of of vanilla or chocolate weight gainer.
4-6 slices of crisp maple bacon, cut into tiny bits.
(Instead of frying bacon and cutting it yourself you can add a few tablespoons of bacon bits.)
2-3 tablespoons of chocolate chips.
1-2 eggs.
1/3 cup milk/cream.
1/3 cup vegetable oil.
1 tablespoon of melted lard.
Dash of vanilla.

Mix everything together and preheat oven to 325. The brownies are done when an inserted toothpick comes out clean, for this recipe it was 45-50 mins. (Some of the ingredients and baking instructions vary based on the recipe of brownie mix used)

The brownies are between 3,600 – 4,000 calories.

  • “Fatty icing” recipe – I 100% recommend making this from scratch and not using pre made icing, or adding pre made icing into the recipe. The amount of ingredients you use depends on how much you want, this amount frosts 13×9 inch cake.

2 cups of powdered sugar. 
2-4 tablespoons of vanilla of chocolate weight gain powder.
1/3 cups of softened butter or margarine.
1-2 teaspoons of softened lard.
1-2 tablespoons of cocoa powder.
1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla.
1-3 tablespoons of milk.

As something optional for more calories you could add nutella, chocolate pudding, or chocolate milk flavouring to taste, meaning how ever much tastes right to you.

Basically you just add everything together and use and egg beater, making sure it’s very well blended. If it’s too liquidy, add more powdered sugar, if it’s not creamy at all, add more milk, keep adjusting until you get the right creaminess.

The icing is between 2200 – 2500 calories. 

I’d suggest adding the icing to the brownies for combined 5,800 – 6,500 calories, and it just adds to the yumminess.

The amount of calories vary based on your brand of weight gainer, powdered sugar, type of milk, etc.

For my brownies I added the icing, drizzled caramel sauce, and topped with chopped honey roasted peanuts. I really love the way these turned out, the chewiness of the maple bacon, the crunch of the chocolate chips, and the sweet icing… Let’s just say these are totally addictive and really hit that sweet spot.

Feel free to reblog this if you found it helpful, you never know who’s in need of some guidance or tips.

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I need all the help I can get!!

Can I reblog this 100000 times? 😀

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HORNGRY – Download Magazine

HORNGRY – Download Magazine: fatterroundermoreblubber:the-pleasures-of-gluttony:Horngry, SaarburgFor…

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thin2thick: feabie: Check out Feabie at: The…



Check out Feabie at:

The site is awesome! I’m so excited to finally have a place for straight gainers with a user interface like Grommr’s!

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Man Who Stopped Dieting Already Seeing Results

Man Who Stopped Dieting Already Seeing Results: MIDDLETOWN, KY—Noting that his new look had really…

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