Force Feeding A Fat Man

Fat bear daddy gets force fed to make him get fatter.


Force feeding is a dominance / submission fetish that is rarely explored in adult erotica. Why is that? Probably because weight gain is such a taboo in health conscious, thin-is-in society. The adult industry has run out of new fetishes. Aren’t you tired of spanking videos and foot fetish yet? Yawn. Time to take new risks and try something new.

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11 comments on “Force Feeding A Fat Man
  1. sprsizeme says:

    I would love to find someone that would love to try some of this

  2. Myron says:

    I agree, I would love to read stories or watch videos about this. There are a few on xtube but you have to pay for them.

  3. ExJock2Fatten says:

    Yeah.. these are HOT! I think the idea of a guy taking total control and forcing me to get fat is HOT!! Even fatter than I thought I wanted to be.

  4. J. Knupp says:

    I would love to have a young fatboy to force feed & fatten up as much as I want. l love to fatten a man. I want to see how fast I can make another man gain100# or more & watch his fat smooth belly blow up like a balloon. While I keep stuffing his fat belly.

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